What Is Tanzio

Tanzio is the exact opposite of the way you're used to finding things...

No Lists!
Lists... You've seen these before on: Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Yellow Pages, etc. Anytime you search for something, you get a list.
Frankly, we're sick and tired of lists.
Let's say you need a Dentist. How do you find one? Google it? Sure, and they'll give you a list of Dentists that you'll have to call. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just post a request, and have the Dentists call you. That's exactly what Tanzio does.
Tanzio gets results for anything you need: Plumbers, Massage Therapists, Tow Trucks - Anything you can think of. You post a request for it, and Tanzio will get you a response. And we'll get it fast! That is our mission.

How does it work?

First, you post a request for whatever you need. Then, you kick up your feet, and let businesses contact you.
About Tanzio
You can post your request on Tanzio.com, or call in and record your request. Tanzio takes it from there and blasts it out to everyone that can help. For Free!
Businesses are contacted in multiple ways. Tanzio will call, e-mail and text message them right when you post your ad. The ones that really want your business have the opportunity to respond!
How do businesses contact you? You include either your phone number or e-mail address (or both). Depending on which one you included, that's exactly how you'll be contacted. All activity is recorded on Tanzio, which is made available to you for your reference. Everytime you visit, Tanzio will show your recent activity, including the businesses that responded to you and what you talked about.

Access Tanzio by Phone Call

You can post your request to Tanzio via a telephone call. Choose the cateogry you're interested in and call the toll free number to post your request. For Free!

United States (Toll Free)

Asphalt Pavers888-451-3110
Assisted Living Communities888-446-3180
Auto Dealers888-446-3183
Auto Repair888-446-3184
Carpet Cleaners888-446-3185
Child Care Centers888-450-2848
Cleaning Companies888-450-3373
Fence Professionals888-451-0208
Flooring Companies888-451-0210
Glass Shops888-702-5325
Hair Cutting and Styling888-702-5328
Heating Professionals888-702-5335
Insurance Companies888-702-5339
Landscape Professionals888-702-5350
Lawn Mowing Professionals888-702-5359
Massage Therapists888-702-5570
Moving Companies888-702-5572
Remodeling Professionals888-729-5165
Septic Pumpers888-729-5167
Travel Agents888-729-5168
Tree Service888-451-2207
Window Cleaners888-747-9887

Canada (Toll Free)

Auto Repair888-752-3260
Carpet Cleaners888-752-3261
Cleaning Companies888-752-3265
Fence Professionals888-771-5305
Hair Cutting and Styling888-771-5312
Heating Professionals888-771-5313
Landscape Professionals888-771-5315
Lawn Mowing Professionals888-771-5316
Massage Therapists888-781-5988
Moving Companies888-781-5995
Travel Agents888-781-6238
Tree Service888-781-6240


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