I’m a man who needs his 8 lower crowns (Nos.17 thru 20...and Nos. 29 thru 32) checked for leaks and decay. My crowns are all cast SS. My crowns and bridges have all been very “successful”, but now there must be leaks. My wife says she can occasionally smell that problem at night. Several of my crowns have root-canals or posts...but I have NO gum or jaw soreness around any of my crowns...so I think that the problems are above the gum-line, inside the crowns. I am not interested in Implants because I cannot afford them... What I want is a diagnosis with costs estimates so I can plan ahead. We are planners... I did hear there was a Tech-Way to sniff decay under a failing crown. Is there now, any method to R and R a firm crown without destroying it? Can a SS crown, once cut for removal, be welded with SS for reuse? I’m interested in finding a Dentist that’s had lots of experience with crowns. Look @ my CBCs. I have NO metabolic problems, and I take NO medications. I exercise regularly, and expec

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