We are in need of a multi-talented pro in several areas of law. 1.) We made a personal loan $9,000 to pay someone's delinquent property tax a couple of years ago and have never received and repayment. Now he says the money was for an investment in his business, which it was not! 2.) In Feb. of this year we were evicted from our Morro Bay apartment. We were/are under the understanding that the property manager/owner must keep our personal property we left behind for a period of no less than 15 days and we should have the opportunity to retrieve it during normal business hours but we're prevented from doing that and our property was thrown out! 3.) Also in Feb. Of this year my father who was given a life estate to live in his deceased wife's home as long as he was able to do so was taken out for dinner to a dementia home and never returned to his home of 20 some years in Cayucos! I was set to move in with him to help him with his everyday living but was prevented from doing so by the executor of the Trust who l

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O'Neill Daniel J

December 19th, 2017 10:04 am (306 days ago)