Good Morning, I am working on a project with the Tampa Bay Golf & Country Club in San Antonio FL. I am featuring at least 18 local businesses on the official course guides. We would like to feature your business as the industry exclusive, not for a weekend tournament or outing but for one full year. Your message will reach: 45,000 rounds of golfers 20 Corporate Events Middle to High End Incomes Business owners and Decision Makers within the company 90 percent of golfers are local homeowners Family decision makers Ads in the course guide are only a one time fee of $399.00 The Scorecard page is a one time fee of $750 but gets 18 times more the exposure. All prices include the graphic designer that will be assigned to you. ALL RESERVATIONS ARE BASED ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE Inline image 1 Inline image 2 Will that work for you? Colin Murray Project Manager 813-908-4060 . I am located in San Antonio

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