I need to have 28 teeth pulled in the Salisbury, me area. I need antibiotics as I have heart murmur and need to be asleep when this happens. My immune system has been compromised in the past and cannot take too many types of antibiotics as they caused c diff colitis. We are on social security and I have been saving up for this procedure for a year. I have no insurance but am in the va for medical. Between the c diff colitis, falls that cracked my teeth, osteoporosis and osteopenia, teeth no longer in my jaw and putting my family first my dental needs have not been met. I have had a drunk dentist try to do a root canal on an impacted tooth..his partner relieved him and am petrified of dentist I have saved $1000 over the last two years to pay for the procedure so far but don't know how much longer I can wait. My two top front teeth are root canals with caps done in 1982 but recent fall has loosened them. Please help me find someone to help. I have searched on line but found nothing. Low cost oral surgery

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