water leaks into crawl space during heavy rain. The leak occurs around the sewer line going outside. The builder punched a hole thru the cinder block, inserted a pvc pipe thru (5 inch) then they run the (41/2 inch) pvc sewer line thru. this left a 1/2 inch gap. Then they slapped some concrete around the line to patch the hole. It would leak big time, I had them come back and they put some sealer around the gap, it still leaks... I believe I need someone to go on the outside dig down to the sewer line and seal the hole on the outside to really stop the leak. You would have to go down around 3 feet or a little more depends on the size of hole on the outside . I am located in Dover

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The Ricky Lau Show LLC

October 3rd, 2016 09:19 am (959 days ago)