I need an attorney who is agressive and not afraid to stand up to Brent Brindley!! I am in a custody battle that has been a real nightmare and has been handled completely unjustly. The attorney that I had been working with, my father paid quite a bit of money to over the last couple years, withdrew from the case after telling me I needed to pay him $2400 within days. Its an emergency situation and I need help now!! As I have court for trial on June 13. Its a pretty messy case since my attorney never did his job. So please get in touch and I will explain everything. I need a miracle to save my little girl before its too late. There have been reports of sexual abuse made by my child, and still she is forced to live with her abuser (her father) and his protectors (his dad and step mother). I am being alienated from her to the point she won't even kiss me goodbye. please help before it literally kills me.. I am located in Washington

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Harr Brad & Associates

May 16th, 2016 12:21 pm (888 days ago)