Not sure where to list. I have two seperately issues. 1. I borrowed a friend $5543.16 on Oct 29,2011 put on my credit card at 14.99 percent. It has been one year and zero payments have been made by him. I have all Facebook, text, and bank paperwork. The last conversation we had has driven me to this route. I want my money back ASAP. The interest would be nice but unsure what the laws are. I'd love to put a lein on house, cars, and garnish paycheck. 2. I made a business investment of $25,000 for 20 percent and quarterly statements of the companies financials. It has been one year no payment and no statements. I also have Facebook, text, email, and contract. I would like them reached out and touched to let them know I'm done being nice and understanding. Thank you for time and help in these matters. R/S Robert Romans 3843 bluegrass court New bern, NC 28562. I am located in New Bern

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