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What is Tanzio?

Tanzio is the exact opposite of the way you're used to finding things. Just post one request and instantly receive multiple replies and offers from the business community.
Tanzio does the busy work of calling businesses for you. We'll place a live phone call to businesses that can help you and play your message over the phone. If they can help you, they'll call you back.

Is Tanzio Free?

Yes! It's free for both consumers and businesses. You don't pay anything to post your request, and we'll deliver them to businesses for free, too!

How does Tanzio make money?

We'll deliver leads to every business we can. But, we don't do it at the same time. We give businesses the opportunity to position themselves in our notification list. Usually, if a business is called first they'll be the first to respond, and most likely to get the job.

Do I have to use my phone number?

Nope. You can include your e-mail address instead. We'll still call businesses for you, and they have the chance to record a voice mail for you. We take that recording, attach it to an e-mail and send it to you, along with contact information for that business. It's like getting a custom made commercial for your need delivered right to your inbox.
You can include both your e-mail and phone number. You'll be contacted in both ways.

Do you really call everyone?

Sure do. Let's say you have a tough request with a lot of constraints. We'll call over 100 businesses with your message. There's a good chance someone can help you out.

How can I submit my request?

You can do it right here on this website, or you can call in your request. We have over 30 toll-free numbers for different categories. You can call one of them and record your message. We'll play that recording for businesses.

Why is my request shown on Tanzio?

We show all posts on our homepage. This gives businesses another chance to contact you. They can send you an e-mail directly on Tanzio. Tanzio hides your contact information. So, if a business misses the call this is their only way to reach you.
You can delete them. We also show you your own requests, and the businesses that contacted you, on the homepage. Just click the trash can to remove it.

Am I being recorded?

Tanzio records conversations. You can view these recordings whenever you visit the site. Since you'll be getting several calls from businesses, Tanzio displays these recordings and their information so you can easily compare and shop. You can even download an MP3 of the recording.

Do I need an account?

Nope. We're tired of accounts. We just need either your phone number or e-mail address.